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Time Will Make It Heal

I wanted to feature a song for Jim’s Song Lyric Sunday theme that I find very moving. There are times when we feel so broken, we may beg for someone to understand and take care of us. Jess Glynne’s voice conveys so much deep emotion in this beautifully emotive song “Take Me Home”. TAKE MEContinue reading “Time Will Make It Heal”

Selkie And Scarlet

There is a musician who first captured my attention with a song that was a commercial success for her “Cornflake Girl”. Many have forgotten Tori Amos, but I have stuck with her. She has produced a spectacular amount of music, fifteen studio albums and lots of other material. She is a talented musician and herContinue reading “Selkie And Scarlet”

Dream City

I dream of walking down narrow passage ways in an ancient city, riddled with the most prosaic of architecture. I dream of wandering in and out of bizarre, leaving with antiquate trinkets. I dream of a city so full of character and history that I am constantly inspired. How did I end up living nearContinue reading “Dream City”

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